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Dell XPS 8700 and XPS 8700 Special Edition Coupon Codes and Deals

Dell’s XPS 8700 Series desktop is a very impressive desktop for an even more impressive price. It is built for someone who wants incredible performance and entertainment capabilities for an on-a-budget price. The XPS 8700 Special Edition has even more power and features. Even standard, it has exceptional capabilities but with all the optional technology and hardware, you can make this computer better than the rest. We will have coupon codes and deals for the new XPS 8700 series to save you some money on your purchase.

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The powerful hardware side of this series matches the entertainment side. XPS 8500 standard has 4th generation i5 or i7 processor, this computer keeps up with every click. The hard drive storage options are up to 2 Terabytes and a 2GB Graphics card. While the XPS 8700 Special Edition comes with the powerful 4th gen Intel Core i7 processor and up to a 3TB hard drive. These systems can handle just about any computing task that can be stuffed down their Cores.

The Studio XPS 8700 Series is an affordable, yet very powerful computer comes from a long line of Dell’s lineup of XPS Performance. That is not just a coincidence. It, if wanted, has all the capabilities of a high-end computer with the standard capabilities being very powerful, fast and top of the line. Dell gives us coupon codes and deals for the  XPS 8700 series so check below to see if you can save money on this incredible system.

Here are the current XPS 8700 Coupon Codes and Deals - Free shipping is included.

Special Black Friday Weekend Special Offer! Save 23% on the XPS 8700 Desktop with the Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB memory, a 1TB hard drive, NVIDIA GT 720 graphics and Windows 7 Home Premium, now only $649.99 with Coupon Code: G1TWNG6GD6L8F$  Expires November 30, 2014 Click to Redeem Coupon
Save an additional $100 on XPS 8700 Desktops priced at $999 or more with Coupon Code: 2RRVTDD4TVJMCM  Expires December 4, 2014 Click to Redeem Coupon
Save an additional $50 on XPS 8700 Desktops priced at $699 or more with Coupon Code: CL8BKF609WSJ2B  Expires December 4, 2014 Click to Redeem Coupon


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