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Dell XPS 27 All-in One Desktop Coupon Codes and Deals

The Dell XPS 27 is an all-in-one desktop with the optional dock and stand. It weighs in at about 28 pounds, which is a nice weight for a 27" desktop. The universal design is perfect for play and powerful enough to get work the done. This is designed for someone who wants incredible performance and entertainment capabilities with stunning full HD visual graphics on a touch screen display. The thin and lightweight design sacrifices no power or functionality with the latest Intel Core processors and Windows 10 as the Operating System. Dell is sure to offer coupon codes and promos for the XPS 27 and we will have them posted as they become available.

XPS 27

The XPS 27 is light enough and easy enough to carry around with the handy soft grips or use it as a portable desktop with the built in feet that keep the system at an upright angle. Alternatively, if you would rather give it a more permanent place, there is an adjustable powered charging stand available. The tablet capabilities paired with Windows 10 and the latest touch functionality allow you to tap, scroll and swipe your way around your favorite games and apps, and experience the Internet in a completely new way. A truly versatile piece of technology.

This all-in-one desktop or tablet computer is amazing. This is the top-of-the line performance based versatile computing device. Dell often gives us coupon codes and deals for The Dell XPS 27 to pass along so if there are none available at this time, check back often to get a discount on the XPS 27 portable desktop from Dell. Free shipping is usually included.

The XPS 27 is no longer available

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Review of the XPS 27 All-in-One Specifications

Powered by the powerful Intel© Core™ processors and up to 16 Gigs of RAM with 2TB hard drive or optional 512GB Solid State drive makes this system fly through the latest games and work related applications. There are enough ports and jacks to plug in just about anything you would need and the built in HD camera allows you to communicate effortlessly with your friends and family.


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