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Precision 7000 Series Mobile Workstation Coupon Codes and Deals

Dell kicked it up a notch with the most powerful 7770 workstation designed when they made it into a 17” screen. It is still full of available options even though the standard equipment is very nice and dependable. This series of Precision Mobile Workstations, give you an option of an upgraded video card and advanced docking options.

Precision 7000 Series Mobile Workstation

If you decide you want to purchase this laptop, check below for coupon codes and promos because Dell often gives us offers to pass on to you to save money.

So if you are looking to bring an immensely powerful, very quick, very creativity-bound productivity laptop on the go with you at all times, then this Dell Precision 7000 Series Mobile Workstation is for you. These are fully customizable workstations certified with professional applications for maximum performance and productivity.

Here are the Current Precision 15 and 17-inch 7000 Coupon Codes and Deals

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Some of the popular Precision 15" and 17" 7000 Series Mobile Workstation Models:


Review of the Precision 7000 Series Mobile Workstation Specifications

The performance of this laptop is still the most powerful workstation you could buy for your business, just not as mobile as the 15.6” one. With the bigger screen you do get a choice of graphics card to go along with one of the LED screens, whether UltraSharp or Back-Lit Display. With them and the fact that it is ISV Certified is what makes it the workstation of your dreams, not even mentioning the fact of performance and power.

You get a choice of very powerful Intel Core processors with this laptop. You can choose from the Intel© Core™ i5, which is standard or the i7. If you really need the processing power, the Xeon is available as well. No matter which one of these you pick, they are extremely powerful, especially when you add the up to 64GB of memory. You don’t have to worry about having all your projects on you at all times, because with the massive storage capabilities you can get, it can hold all you want. You cannot get much more power and speed than that in a workstation unless you decide to get the tower series instead of mobile.


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