Smartphone Deals and Wireless Coupon Codes

The cell phone, or mobile phone, has evolved into what is known as the Smartphone. A Smartphone is just what It sounds like; a Smart Phone. It is basically just a small computer that runs on an Operating System just as laptops and desktop computers do. A computer is still needed to build applications and design these phones but they are getting close to what you might call a computer. As with most other computers, we have a coupon code or discount to offer on many Smartphones and plans. Samsung Galaxy, Moto, LG and iPhone coupons will be posted as they become available.

It seems like there are about a kajillion brands of Smartphones available but most of them have the same characteristics. The phones allow you to talk, run apps, take pictures, text, browse the Internet and much more from a handheld device. LG, T-Mobile, Sprint, Motorola and Samsung are just some of the major Smartphone brands and plans available.

Gone are the days of dropped calls and no signal networks. With 5G connections available to these little computers, reliability has improved exponentially.

The Smartphones of today do things that Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov only dreamed would come into reality. The future is now, tomorrow is here and so are the coupons and deals for the Smartphones of today.

Verizon Wireless has a very strong 5G network backbone with exceptional coverage claiming that they cover roughly 2.3 Million square miles of the United States including 98% of the population. Not only do they have a fast and reliable network, they also offer great deals on plans and devices. See the current Verizon coupons and deals here.

T-Mobile offers a variety of deals on phones and plans that change on a daily basis. Like many of their competitors today, the unlimited data plan is back with great deals on the plan. This means that people can enjoy this unlimited data on an improved network across not only the United States but also Canada and Mexico and not spend a lot of money. T-Mobile is also running some other impressive deals right now as they always do. See the current T-Mobile coupons and deals here.

Customers who switch from other providers to Sprint can enjoy a steep discount on their new plan at Sprint, sometimes at half-price. Sprint rolls out new deals and coupons on a regular basis so it is important for customers to stay up to date on the latest Sprint coupons and discounts. See the current Sprint coupons and deals here.

US Cellular offers some pretty good deals on their 4G LTE network with a variety of popular phones and plans available. They offer Shared Data Plans, Individual Line Plans and Prepaid plans as well. They have a number of interesting deals in the form of coupons or instant discounts. The impressive deals are worth checking out. See the current US Cellular coupons and deals here.

FreedomPop takes a very different approach to wireless technology. It’s Free! They do have plans that you are charged for but if you don’t use your phone much, they do have a totally free plan. The free plan consists of 500MB of data, 200 minutes of talk and 500 texts per month. Not a bad deal.The paid plans are quite impressive as well. See the current FreedomPop coupons and deals here.


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