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HP Desktop Workstation Coupon Codes and Deals

HP’s Desktop Workstations Series is a powerhouse of a selection of machines with a vast array of upgrades and options to make your workstation not only perfect for your office, but perfect for any type of user. Check below for coupons and deals for these workstations. If we do not currently have any, make sure to check back soon because we frequently have many more to choose from.

There are many different models in the series, each having their own individual purpose, but with all the extra options, you can customize it even more specific to you. The Z2 Mini is a Small Form factor workstation that is full of power, but in a very compact and sleek style. Even though is also the most affordable package in the series, it is future ready and easy accessible inside and out and even designed for CAD users. The Z4 on the other hand specializes in multi-tasking so that you can get more done in less time making this machine pay for itself. Did I mention you get that latest in processors and graphics with this series? You definitely can’t go wrong with the Z6 because it is the most efficient workstation.  This workstation is built to maximize the way that the processor, memory, graphics, OS and the software work together.  Therefore you have the most computing power possible and you will not be disappointed. Then we have the beast of the series, the Z8, which gives you the most speed and expandability offered in this series. It can handle the biggest challenges you can throw at it with ease! They also have All-in-One models if you are a bit short on desktop space.

HP Desktop Workstations

Now that you know the characteristics if the individual series, I am going to now tell you about how you can customize them more to your liking than they already are. This series features a wide range of Intel Processors. You can choose, depending on model, from Intel Core to the Xeon Processor.  Match that the latest in graphics such as Intel or NVIDIA, and you have an extremely smooth machine. With up to 32GB of memory and plenty of storage, you might never even have to use the expandability, which is up to 8 memory slots, that some models offer.

So, if you are looking for a series with plenty of options and ways to customize to your needs, then look no further.  With all these workstations available with Energy Star qualifications and liquid cooling to make it unbelievably quiet, not to mention able to fit anywhere, you should be able to find and make the machine perfect for you.  If you would like to save cash on one of these HP Desktop Workstations and save money at the same time, check below to see what current money-saving offers we have for you to take advantage of.

Here are some of the Popular HP Desktop Workstation Coupon Codes and Deals

Save $1,114 off the Z6 G4 Workstation with the Intel Xeon processor, 8GB memory, NVIDIA Quadro P600 graphics and a 500GB hard drive, Sale Priced at $2,727! Promo good for product number: Z3Y91AV_1


Save $956 off the Z4 G4 Workstation with the Intel Xeon processor, 8GB memory, AMD FirePro W2100 graphics and a 1TB hard drive, Sale Priced at $1,626! Promo good for product number: 1JP11AV_1


Save $532 off the HP Z2 Mini G4 Customizable Workstation with the Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB memory, Intel HD graphics and a 500GB hard drive, Sale Priced at $868! Promo good for product number: 3AQ00AV_MB


See all of the Desktop Workstation deals and compare the different models to find the correct one that fits your business needs, Deals Start at $724!



Some of the popular HP Desktop Workstation Models:

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