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The quality of the T-Mobile network has fluctuated over the years; however, they have made some recent improvements that have made them one of the top competitors on the market. In fact, some speed tests have placed the T-Mobile network at the top of the list in terms of speed. Their upgrades are starting to bear fruit because their Extended Range LTE network now covers more than 312 million Americans, almost the entire country. Their network also has the ability to link with more than just phones including tablets, watches, and computers. They also run great deals and coupons for their plans and services.

Review of the T-Mobile Network Specifications

T-Mobile recently completed a few upgrades on their 4G network. They added an LTE rating and increased the coverage to the 4G LTE Extended Range network. This network reaches farther, is more powerful, and has a noticeable improvement for those who used to struggle inside of buildings. They boast download speeds of 22 Mbps and upload speeds of 13 Mbps. Similar to other networks, those with a Wi-Fi connection can use Wi-Fi to call or text. T-Mobile also boasts a voice-over-LTE, abbreviated VoLTE, which has translated to smoother phone calls while using 4G LTE data. This means people can use their device while on the phone and still have a seamless phone call. Their HD voice has led to improved clarity with phone calls as well.

T-Mobile: Options for Plans

Like many of their competitors today, the unlimited data plan is back. This means that people can enjoy this unlimited data on an improved network across not only the United States but also Canada and Mexico. Their unlimited data plans for two lines starts at 100 dollars per month. They also have a deal where customers can add T-Mobile ONE Plus for 5 dollars per line per month. This gives customers access to HD video streaming within the United States, an unlimited mobile hotspot with the first 10 GB at 4G LTE speeds, improved data speeds while abroad, unlimited access to GoGo and Wi-Fi on planes, and voicemail to text features. The fine print on T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans is that they may start to throttle the data after 22 GB of data per month.

T-Mobile is also running some other impressive deals right now as they always do. These deals change quite frequently so if you don’t see the deal you are looking for right now, check back soon.

Here are the Popular Coupon Codes and Deals from T-Mobile

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