Sprint Coupons and Deals

With so many cellular data and mobile phone providers to choose from, it can be a challenge to settle on just one. One of the leaders in the telecommunications industry is Sprint. They have a lightning-quick and reliable network that has only been made more competitive due to a large number of upgrades they have made in recent years. They have even hired on the old “Can You Hear Me Now?” guy from commercials several years ago to talk up their products. The armada of new technology they have rolled out in recent years has paid dividends with respect to their network speeds and customer satisfaction. Sprint usually offers many deals in the form of coupon codes or instant discounts on mobile phones and their wireless plans.

Review of the Sprint Network Specifications

The Sprint network is tested regularly and the results have consistently placed Sprint at or near the top. This couldn’t be said several years ago; however, Sprint has completely remade their cellular data network in recent years. They have taken advantage of carrier aggregation and beamforming to increase the number of processors that handle commands through some of Sprint’s busiest data pockets, leading to increased speeds for their customers. They have also introduced their LTE Plus network which has led to a doubling of the network speeds and capacity. The reports have shown that peak speeds can exceed 100 Mbps. There are also rumors that Sprint has begun researching a 5G network that could deliver speeds at a whopping 1 Gbps.

Sprint: Options for Plans

Because Sprint provides one of the fastest networks around, they have a wide variety of plans that can meet all different kinds of needs. They offer plans that include talk, text, and data with the lowest plans starting at around 40 dollars per month, working their way up to the unlimited plans that are competitive with other carriers. Sprint’s unlimited plan includes unlimited data, talk, text, and HD video streaming. Their unlimited plans also include 10 GB of hotspot data for every line. The plan costs around 60 dollars per month for the first line, 40 dollars per month for the second line, and 30 dollars per month for each additional line. Those numbers change considerably as the offer deals. For a small fee per month, customers can also add a tablet to their data plan. One of the biggest benefits is that customers also have the option to carry over unused data to the next month for a small additional fee.

Like other carriers, Sprint is working hard to pull business away from the competition. Customers who switch from other providers to Sprint can enjoy a steep discount on their new plan at Sprint, sometimes at half-price. Sprint rolls out new deals and coupons on a regular basis so it is important for customers to stay up to date on the latest Sprint coupons and discounts.




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