FreedomPop Wireless Coupons and Deals

For those looking for a cheaper way to use their smart phone and mobile devices, there might be a new answer. One of the fastest growing 4G mobile broadband providers in the country is called FreedomPop. Initially only offered in a few cities, the provider has grown to encompass millions of people who are looking for ways to lower their monthly phone bill. This is a company that was founded with the idea of cheap internet access in mind, pursuing a mission that nobody should be left off the grid. The goal is to eventually offer free internet and phone usage to everyone; however, people also get what they pay for. FreedomPop offers great deals and coupons for the paid version of their service too.

Review of the FreedomPop Network Specifications

Because FreedomPop was founded with the idea of free internet in mind, they didn’t collect much revenue that they could pour back into their network upgrades; however, their network has improved significantly in recent years. They now offer 4G coverage that is reasonable for light internet users who don’t demand lightning-fast speeds at all hours of the day. Remember, 4G does not mean 4G LTE speeds. The network is also able to provide reliable Wi-Fi calling and texting provided that people have found a solid internet connection. Their network is also able to handle international calling to dozens of countries all over the world. Recently, the network has increased the number of hotspots all over the country, now numbering over 8 million.

FreedomPop: What Does Free Mean?

When people hear that the provider offers free internet access, they should remember that there is a catch. FreedomPop’s free plan is perfect for people who don’t drown their data plan on a monthly basis. Their free plan offers 500 MB of free data per month, 500 free text messages, and 200 free minutes over the phone. What does 500 MB of data get people? People who browse Facebook, go through their email occasionally, and possibly order food online or check a few sports scores will have nothing to worry about; however, those who listen to radio, stream music, or watch movies will need significantly more data. That means paying for plans

FreedomPop: Options for Plans

The provider offers plans that scale up just as their competitors do. They start at 2 GB of premium data and work their way up to 10 GB of data for around 70 dollars. For people who are used to paying for data on other competitors, this probably sounds like an absolute steal; however, keep in mind that customers are paying for speeds that frankly aren’t comparable to the LTE speeds provided by the competition. On the other hand, there are other ways for people to earn more data without paying for it. FreedomPop sponsors deals from other companies that people can complete to earn more data. People can also refer friends to the provider and earn more data that way. Without a doubt, this is one of the most creative cell phone providers on the market. They also offer family plans of shared data. They offer many deals on their paid version of the service as well. Definitely worth a look.




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