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While US Cellular may not be on TV as much as their competitors, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t working hard to earn a larger slice of the pie. They have actually been around since the days of 3G, giving them a significant amount of experience when it comes to cellular data networks. Since then, they have worked hard to improve their network to 4G LTE capabilities, leading to faster speeds and greater reliability. They also offer a variety of plans, including prepaid plans that set them apart from the competition. They also provide creative plans with popular smartphones that meet a variety of needs with coupon codes and deals to match.

Review of the US Cellular Network Specifications

In years past, US Cellular’s 3G network varied in quality depending on the customer’s location. Over that time, they broadened their 3G network to provide coverage to a greater number of people. Their current 4G LTE network is still improving; however, certain parts of the country have noticed spotty coverage. Customers who only have access to 3G network speeds will see download speeds of just over 3 Mbps and upload speeds of close to 2 Mbps. Those who have 4G LTE coverage will see download speeds of over 30 Mbps and over 10 Mbps for uploads. These speeds are acceptable for people who have 4G LTE coverage. Those who only receive 3G coverage may notice that they have coverage from US Cellular while they don’t receive coverage from any of the other major players. This means US Cellular is unique among their competitors.

US Cellular: Options Plans

US Cellular offers a large number of plans that range in options from individual plans to family plans and even prepaid plans. Their plans range from smaller, 2 GB data plans to the unlimited plans that many of their competitors apply as well. Their unlimited data plans start at around 110 dollars per month for two lines, 150 dollars per month for three lines, and 160 dollars per month for four lines. These prices are competitive within the industry but provide a number of perks that other providers don’t offer. For example, there are no activation fees or upgrade fees, saving people a significant amount of money. They also do not charge any data overage fees. Finally, they do not charge monthly connection fees either. Their drive to remove hidden fees has made them popular among their customers. For those who desire a prepaid phone plan, these start at around 30 dollars per month with individual plans starting at 60 dollars per month.

US Cellular also has a number of interesting perks, including options for people to add on a tablet or other connected device to their data plan. Customers can add on 1 GB per month for 10 dollars, 4 GB per month for 25 dollars, or 10 GB per month for 40 dollars. Currently, US Cellular is offering many deals in the form of coupons or instant discounts. They are worth checking out.

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