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HP Pavilion Wave Coupon Codes and Deals

The HP Pavilion Wave desktop is a totally new approach to the conventional desktop tower. HP has completely reinvented the desktop with this new design. It has a triangular design with a woven fabric exterior making it look more like a speaker than a powerful desktop PC. It looks like a speaker because that is the way HP designed it. It is HP’s first ever desktop PC with a built in speaker designed to emit incredible sound at any angle paired with B&O Play for 360-degrees of stunning surround sound true audio experience. We have all the deals available for the new HP Pavilion Wave to help you save money on your purchase.

HP Wave Desktop

Even though it looks like a speaker, the Wave has stunning computing capabilities as well as entertainment value. It is a value priced computer that is powerful enough for the whole family to enjoy. Although this desktop is not considered a high performance model, the processing power, memory choices and storage capabilities certainly blur the line between low and high-end computers. This model runs smooth and handles most tasks with ease and the great value price makes it one of the best deals available in desktop computing.

This is a fairly new model so there may not be many coupon codes and promos for the Pavilion Wave series of desktop computers. We will post them as they become available to help you save some money on your purchase.

Looks like HP has stopped selling the Wave desktop. Check the Weekly deals for alternatives.


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Review of the Pavilion Wave Desktop Specifications

The Wave desktop packs all the power and performance of a standard desktop in a very small package, it is powered by the powerful 6th Generation Intel© Core™ processors and up to 16GB of memory. It has pretty good graphics capabilities too with up to the AMD R9 470M graphics card. It supports one 4K display or two QHD displays for you viewing experience. Short of demanding video rendering, powerful gaming or CAD applications, this model should be able to tackle some pretty demanding applications.


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