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Verizon is backed by their new 5G and 4G LTE Advanced network that possesses an exceptional coverage radius of 2.3 million square miles of 4G coverage, providing coverage to over 98 percent of the population of the United States. 5g is currently available in select cities. Verizon also provides a wide range of plans, usually with a coupon or deal, to accommodate a wide range of wants and needs.

Review of the Verizon Network Specifications

Verizon’s network reliability is backed by the AWS spectrum, ensuring that people have powerful, reliable, and fast data coverage as well as phone signals that ensure their calls won’t be dropped. In fact, Verizon has coined this reliability the “XLTE” network. For people who were confused by the “XLTE” at the top of their Verizon phones, that is what this stands for. Verizon invested a significant amount of time, money, and research into making sure their claims about being the fastest are backed up by the data. While people may not always receive the fast network speeds that the network claims, XLTE means that the same amount of data is moving through a larger processor. This means that people on Verizon will not notice slow data speeds as often. In fact, this larger processor handles uploads and downloads with separate servers. This is what provides Verizon users with faster speeds. Even better, Verizon is currently rolling out their new 5G network in select cities which could deliver speeds of up to 1 Gbps. These insane network speeds are over 50 times faster than their already impressive 4G XLTE network.

Verizon: Options for Plans

When people say that they pay for what they get, this is very true with Verizon. Because their network is so fast, it is also expensive; however, they also have a large number of plans so that people can tailor their plan to suit their needs. They offer a small plan for people who don’t require much data. This provides 2GB per month. The plans that scale up to the unlimited plan (with multiple levels in between) which provides unlimited data; however, people need to keep in mind that this doesn’t mean unlimited XLTE speeds. Instead, they receive 22GB per month at the top speed and it drops to 3G speeds on the other side. People who would like to add additional data to their plan have the ability to purchase this on the fly if they’re in a crunch.

Because Verizon is one of the largest and fastest providers, they have a number of added perks. Verizon provides a number of popular smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, iPhone 11, Google Pixel and LG G6, and these can come at a discount with the purchase of a plan. Verizon users also have access to their own NFL Mobile app for live-streaming of games and other content. Verizon coupons and deals change frequently and usually don’t last long so grab them while they are hot!

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